San Diego Viejo at Gran Pacifica’s Vida del Mar

Build your dream home in a welcoming neighborhood just a short stroll from the Pacific Ocean

If the image of your dream vacation home already is locked in your mind’s eye, then we have the perfect setting for you amid the spacious homesites in our San Diego Viejo neighborhood. No matter which homesite you select, the Pacific Ocean is just a short stroll away, and every amenity and service is readily at your disposal.

San Diego Viejo is carefully planned to establish a comfortable setting that offers individual privacy, but also creates ample opportunity to enjoy your neighbors and build long-lasting friendships.

Virtually every element is ready to make owning your dream home a quick and easy reality. All vital infrastructure is in place within San Diego Viejo, including streets and sidewalks, power, water and sewer—as well as buried fiber optic cable that gives you access to the internet, telephone service and cable television (which means that even while you’re away on a tropical holiday, you don’t have to miss your favorite shows or sports teams).

Having everything ready means there’s no delay in closing and building on your homesite—we even offer a complete construction program with a professional staff that manages the project from start to finish, and keeps you constantly apprised of progress. This saves you time and money, ensures the highest quality results and gives you peace of mind.

One way to experience this community is to come to Nicaragua and stay in one of the lovely homes already gracing San Deigo Viejo and available for rental. Then imagine the joy you’ll experience each time you walk into your own dream residence.

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