Gran Pacifica’s Neighborhoods

In New Urban design, the focus is on the neighborhood rather than the individual house, with consideration for how people will live and interact with each other and the natural environment. Its goals include aesthetics, convenience, social integration and a more sustainable way of developing communities. At Gran Pacifica Nicaragua we have combined the Nicaraguan Spanish Colonial Architecture of the Colonial Cities of Leon and Granada with modern amenities (golf courses, fiber optic, and underground electricity).

We invite you to visit Gran Pacifica’s Beach and Golf Resort and see the advantages a resort with one vision, but with multiple diverse communities, can have for you.


GP_neighbourhoodsSan Diego Viejo at Gran Pacifica’s Vida del Mar

Build your dream home in a welcoming neighborhood just a short stroll from the Pacific Ocean
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GP_neighbourhoods2Milagro Verde at Gran Pacifica’s Vida del Mar

Explore an eco-community providing green living without sacrificing luxury

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Gran Pacifica’s Casita Village

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Gran Pacifica’s Long Beach Exclusive Oceanfront Properties

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Gran Pacifica’s Agro-Ecological Village

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Gran Pacifica’s Assisted Living Community

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