Why Invest in Real Estate in Nicaragua, and Why Now?

If you’ve watched the real estate markets in Central America over the last two decades, you’ve seen virtually unknown places suddenly “discovered” and property prices rise dramatically. Nicaragua has remained quietly on the sidelines, its virtues and values revealed only to those curious and intrepid individuals willing to seek out unusual opportunities.

However, Nicaragua is too beautiful, exotic and blessed to stay a secret for very long. The country’s economy, fueled by the political stability of its democratic government, has gained significant momentum over the last 10 years, and Nicaragua has stepped onto the world stage. Outside investment is rising steadily—thanks to aggressive governmental policies and such groups as PRONicaragua—while tourism has skyrocketed as more and more people become aware of the beauty, culture, natural diversity and abundant recreational activities. Lonely Planet, one of the world’s largest publishers of travel guides, ranked the country among its top five best value destinations for 2015. And more and more groups and publications have recognized Nicaragua as ideal for retirement, with U.S. News & World Report citing the country as “one of the world’s top retirement havens for 2015.”

According to International Living, what’s truly “mind-boggling” about Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast is that “it’s essentially the exact same Pacific Coast you’ll find in Southern California.” The primary difference is that Nicaragua is still pristine and “ridiculously affordable.”

No other place International Living has explored offers you more beautiful Pacific Coast living at such an affordable price,” proclaimed the publication in a recent report. “We believe this 40-mile stretch of coastline is primed to explode onto the world stage, and that if history is any guide, real estate prices could skyrocket here as much as 500% in the next few years.”

Investing is Simple and Safe

Nicaragua’s commitment to growth and economic vibrancy has put in place laws and procedures that make it relatively simple to purchase and own property here. Unlike some other countries in the region, Nicaragua has no restrictions on foreign ownership of property.

The properties at Gran Pacifica have fee simple, freehold titles and can be transferred without restrictions. And there are no limitations on the transfer of gains or income from the sale or lease of real estate, as long as withholding taxes have been paid (currently 1-3% on property transfers). Additional security comes from the resort’s master title insurance policy with First American Title, which establishes clear title and provenance. As a result, you can easily obtain title insurance on your own property through such highly regarded firms as First American and Stewart Title.

If desired, bank financing is available through local and regional banks at prevailing rates. Our team at Gran Pacifica is available to advise and assist you with the application process and all other aspects of the purchase process.

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