Discover a new vision for your life on the
gorgeous Pacific Coast of Nicaragua

While the outside world has changed, life has gone on quietly here in Nicaragua at Gran Pacifica’s Vida del Mar Beach & Golf Resort. Residents are still lulled in their homes by the sound of the waves, while visitors seek relaxation and renewal in luxurious oceanside condominiums. Surfers venture out to challenge breaks ranked among the best in Central America, while the exotic setting on the shores of the Pacific Ocean remains tranquil and protected. In the evening, guests become friends and gather in the Sea Salt Restaurante to eat, drink and watch the sun set over the water.
The world here at Gran Pacifica’s Vida del Mar is always serene, but now re-energized as it prepares to welcome adventurous spirits seeking a special place to live, vacation, play or retire.

An Ideal Location

Gran Pacifica’s Vida del Mar is ideally situated just an hour from Managua and its international airport, which offers short direct flights (2-3 hours) to a number of North American cities. This convenient access makes it easy for you to travel to the resort, and also enjoy the nearby colonial towns, cultural offerings, recreational opportunities and amazing natural attractions. Or you can simply settle into the seductive peace of this quiet haven.

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Travel Directions


From Managua, take the Old Leon Highway roughly 30 km to Los Cedros. Make the left at the “Y” towards Masachapa (onto cobblestone road). Half way between Los Cedros and Masachapa at Km 49 (exactly at the village of California) turn off the cobblestone road and travel west 11 km to Gran Pacifica’s Vida del Mar


Toma la Carretera Vieja a León aproximadamente 30 km hacia Los Cedros. Dobla a la izquierda hacia Masachapa (sobre el camino de adoquín). A mitad de camino entre Los Cedros y Masachapa en el Km 49 (exactamente en la comunidad California) dobla a la derecha y sigue 11 km al oeste hacia Gran Pacifica’s Vida del Mar

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