Gran Pacifica’s Vision

From day one, the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort was designed with a vision. That vision was to create an incredible place to live, vacation and retire on the most spectacular beachfront setting in Central America. What makes the Gran Pacifica vision so powerful is the understanding that not everyone wants the same thing. To that end, our resort is made up of beautiful but unique communities that together make the sum greater than the parts.

Few other developments in the world have such a diversity of options and also shares such vast common amenities. So regardless of what type of community you wish to live or vacation within, you’ll find it at Gran Pacifica.

Gran Pacifica is a residential development within a resort which combines local Nicaraguan style and traditional neighborhood design principles with modern, international quality infrastructure and technology.

It is built according to the design philosophy of New Urbanism, which respects traditional design values while enjoying modern technology.

We invite you to visit Gran Pacifica Vida del Mar Beach and Golf Resort and see what a true beachfront resort development with so many options can offer for the lifestyle you want to live.

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